We make the economy digital

12:59, 2 June 2019

We make the economy digital

The project “Digital Economy” was announced one of the higher priority national projects in 2019.

The national project “Digital Economy” was established to solve the following problems:

  • creation of systems of legal regulation of the digital economy, based on a flexible approach in each area, as well as the implementation of civil turnover based on digital technologies;
  • creation of a global competitive infrastructure of data transmission, processing and storage mainly based on domestic developments;
  • provision of trainings of highly qualified personnel for the digital economy;
  • provision of information safety on the basis of domestic developments during transmission, processing and storing the data, guaranteeing the protection of the person’s interests, business and state;
  • creation of cross-cutting digital technologies mainly based on domestic developments;
  • implementation of digital technologies and platform solutions in the areas of public administration and public service, among them the interests of people and small and medium-sized enterprises, including individual enterprises;
  • transformation of priority sectors of the economy and social sphere, including health, education, industry, agriculture, construction, urban economy, transport and energy infrastructure, financial services, through the introduction of digital technologies and platform solutions.

The company MIGO GROUP is actively working on the strategy of digital transformation in order to realize the objectives within the framework of the national project.