The company MIGO GROUP was one of the first to found Core Academic Chair* in collaboration with the leading higher education institutions in the largest regions of the Russian Federation, including Volgograd State Technical University, Volgograd State University, where the students excel their knowledge under supervision of experienced specialists.

Core Academic Chair necessarily implies that there should be a student class, as well as invited leading specialists, who will not only possess the role of coaches, but also colleges with a collective goal of realizing collaborative projects.  This approach allows the students and the employees to carry out collaborative scientific-research activities with participation of lecturers of higher educational institutions.

Benefits of Core Academic Chair are difficult to exaggerate:

— Shortening induction period of results of scientific-research activities, as newly developed technologies can immediately be implemented and tested in real conditions.

— Practical training of graduates.  This is of high importance, as there are certain corporate requirements for future employees, to which an average graduate may adapt for a year or two, sometimes even longer.

— Reduction of costs connected with recruitment and training of personnel.

*Core Academic Chairs are university departments formed with the initiative of companies or scientific-research institutes.  They not only offer graduate diplomas, but also organize courses, lectures and expert-practitioner seminars for students, as well as internships that are onsite or in laboratories of scientific research institutes.