The company MIGO GROUP provides services for the implementation of information systems in enterprises of various sizes and fields of activity. In its work, MIGO GROUP adheres to a methodology that allows to reduce the risks and costs faced by the company during the implementation of information systems. Implementation of information systems is carried out using industrial approaches, standards and technologies of software development on the basis of modern technical infrastructure and development tools for enterprise automation.


Implementation stages of the project:

  • Project preparation. At this stage, the implementation goals are defined, the strategy and the approximate project plan are prepared, and the necessary infrastructure (including computer and network equipment) is determined. The project is also being scaled up and evaluated.
  • Conceptual design. The conceptual design phase involves the final definition and documentation of the company’s requirements. The result of this phase of the project should be a document called “Conceptual project” (Business Blueprint), detailing the processes taking place, written and graphical representation of the structure and business technologies of the company. Once approved, this document becomes the basis for the entire project.
  • Implementation. The purpose of this stage is the configuration of the basic system taking into account the requirements of the Conceptual design. Prepared at this stage, the basic system in the future becomes the basis of the working system. The result of this step should be a fully configured, proven system that meets all the requirements of the company.
  • Final preparation. This phase includes load testing as well as user suitability testing. This is followed by the transfer of data to the new system.
  • Start-up and maintenance. This is the phase of solving issues related to the launch of the system. The system is checked for readiness for launch and monitored to identify opportunities for optimization. Are measured the advantages and improvements obtained with the new system for assessing the payback period of the project. The project is officially declared closed.

Upon completion of the full cycle of work, the client receives a complete working system in accordance with all standards. In the future, our support team provides the necessary support of the system, depending on the needs of the client.