1C-Bitrix Solutions

1C-Bitrix Solutions


1C-Bitrix is a set of professional systems for web project management: company websites, online stores, social networks and communities, corporate portals, software as a service system and other projects. 1C-Bitrix products operate on Windows and Unix platforms under PHP and are compatible with functionality for 95% of modern projects. Products are united by the main objective of providing clear, convenient, comfortable, and at the same time professional project management, both for the end user and for the developer.

  • 1C-Bitrix: Site Management;
  • 1C-Bitrix: Corporate portal;
  • Bitrix24.

“1C-Bitrix Site Management” – professional Internet resource management system, CMS №1 in Russia. With a simple modern system, you can create and maintain any project:

  • online store;
  • corporate site;
  • information portal;
  • community pages;
  • advertising landing pages.


Bitrix24 is a set of business solutions for any company: consisting of several people and for large organizations. The system combines such tools as messaging and telephony, CRM, task and project management into a single working environment for your business.

Bitrix24 can be used as an online service (cloud service, SaaS) and as a separate boxed solution (installed on your own server).

Peculiar properties:

  • Business communication;
  • Task and project management;
  • CRM: customers and sales;
  • Open line;
  • Working with documents;
  • Planning and accounting of working time;
  • HR: Human resources;
  • Automation of business processes of the company;
  • Desktop and mobile applications;
  • Integration with 1C, Microsoft, Google, Apple;
  • Safety and reliability.

Bitrix24 services

  • The license of Bitrix24 cloud and boxed versions.
  • The Introduction Of Bitrix24:
    • The deployment of the box version of Bitrix24 on a server;
    • Initial setup;
    • Set up CRM;
    • Connection of telephony, mail, website, messengers.
  • Revision Of Bitrix24:
    • Non-standard integrations with different services;
    • Complex business processes;
    • New entities and sections;
    • Custom reports;
    • New design of the corporate portal.
  • Automation of business processes in Bitrix24:
    • Set up business processes using the standard designer;
    • Development of individual business process.

You also have the opportunity to test the system by getting a free version of the Bitrix24 product. To do this, simply click on the link and register (create) your portal.