Modern economy is developing in an active and dynamic manner.  Company executives reveal new growth milestones, set new goals and challenges for business development and sustainability, while information technologies become inseparable part of business processes of any company.  High-tech not only ensures sustainability and optimization of company’s business processes, but also brings new ideas and gather momentum for business development and create competitive advantages.

To create synergy between the Information Technologies and the business, it is required to develop and constantly update IT strategy, which on its turn is formed on the basis of auditing information systems.

Evaluation of the information systems implementation process includes:

  • Expertise of the design solution for the implementation of information systems in the enterprise;
  • Analysis of the current state of the implementation process;
  • Assess the quality of implementation management and performance of all services involved in the process.

Audit of information systems implementation process allows:

  • Control the work of the company performing the project;
  • Identify inconsistencies with customer needs and objectives in the early stages of implementation;
  • Detect flaws or errors in the technical implementation of the project.

Audit during the implementation of information systems is a unique opportunity to minimize risks and eliminate errors.

Based on the analysis of the current state of the project, our company provides recommendations for the elimination of all shortcomings in order to improve the implementation process.

Independent examination of information systems put into productive operation includes:

  • Analysis of the current state of the technical infrastructure of information systems;
  • Examination of the state of the implemented functionality;
  • Assessment of the current standard and procedures for managing or maintaining systems.

Audit of the information systems implemented in operation allows to evaluate:

  • Degree of compliance of systems with real business requirements;
  • The level of operational efficiency functionality;
  • Compliance of the technical base and security systems;
  • Competence of users working in the system.

Evaluation of implemented information systems is a full and comprehensive analysis of the implementation quality and system functioning.  Based on findings, MIGO GROUP will come up with recommendations concerning further development and improvement of the solution with the aim of excelling and increasing the operation efficiency.