1C Solutions

1C Solutions

1C is a proven solution for the leaders of the market. Many holding companies, large industrial enterprises, regulatory bodies have already improved their business processes by creating new growth milestones with the help of 1C products.

1C: Enterprise 8 is a world-class technological platform which suits perfectly for modernization of management and accounting activates of companies located in Russia or neighboring countries.

1C: Enterprise 8 software system includes a platform and applied solutions, designed for automation of activities of various enterprises and individuals. The platform itself is not a software product to be used by end users, who in their turn usually interact with only one of the many business applications being executed on this platform. Such approach allows to automate various activities using a single technological platform.

The flexibility of the platform allows to use 1C: Enterprise 8 in different areas:

  • Automation of manufacturing and trade companies, budget and financial organizations, service companies, etc.;
  • Enterprise operational management support;
  • Automation of organizational and economic activities;
  • Accounting with several charts of accounts and arbitrary measurements of accounting, regulated reporting;
  • Extensive opportunities for management accounting and analytical reporting, support for multi-currency accounting;
  • Solving problems of planning, budgeting and financial analysis;
  • Payroll calculation and personnel management;
  • other areas of application.

Application solutions:

  • 1C: Accounting;
  • 1C: Trade Management;
  • 1C: Payroll and HR Management;
  • 1C: Complex Automation;
  • 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management;
  • 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0.

In addition to many goals that can be reached with the help of ERP system, choosing 1C means:

  • Quick implementation (flexible architecture and a wide set of subsystems for solving various corporate tasks),
  • Quick release of updates (operational improvements in accordance with the requirements of users and changes in legislation),
  • Reduction of service expenses (low cost of licenses and no dependence on exchange rates).