Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

Information systems form a trustworthy basis and a reliable source for making managerial decisions.  In the framework of supporting IT systems, a range of problems concerning updating, testing and modernization of information solutions can be solved on corporate level.


MIGO GROUP team is always ready to provide a full complex of support services:

  • Information system settings. The optimal parameters of the application are determined in accordance with the hardware base capacity and estimated load level.
  • System modernization. Based on the ongoing and future business objectives the existing programs or separate modules are improved, their functionality is expanded.
  • Information support. Information Systems support includes training of the client company employees on the functionalities of the developed software and on interaction with the user interface.
  • Further development of the information system environment: creation of general concept in accordance with company requirements, development and implementation of new modules, subsequent system integration.

Benefits of IT Infrastructure Support

  • Risk minimization during the operation of software products – regular updates allow timely prevention of failures.
  • Productivity increase of IT environment – setting updates allow using available system resources more efficiently and utilizing previously unavailable features.
  • Trouble-free operation of information systems – stable system operation allows avoiding downtime during operation, minimizing reputational risks and reducing financial loss as a result of equipment failures.
  • Optimization of business processes.
  • Operational cost reduction – perfectly debugged system will allow you to forget about the need for additional maintenance.

Professional support of information systems by MIGO GROUP employees guarantees high return from the investment in the creation and development of information infrastructure of enterprises. Updating existing solutions on a timely manner allows to avoid implementation of new platforms, providing continuity of business processes, as well as ensuring significant savings of material and time resources.