DevOps. Development and modernization of software.

DevOps. Development and modernization of software.

DevOps is a methodology that brings together professionals, processes, and technologies in five key areas:

  • Planning and tracking;
  • Development;
  • Build and test;
  • Deployment;
  • Monitoring and operation.

Thanks to DevOps, professionals can:

  • Combine techniques of development management, which had previously been isolated;
  • Reduce the time required for implementation in the work environment;
  • Improve coordination among themselves, minimizing the factor of human error;
  • Ensure compliance with safety and reliability standards during operation.

The result is better products that are delivered faster, increasing customer satisfaction.

The benefits of DevOps practices:

  • Speed
  • Fast delivery
  • Reliability
  • Scaling
  • Optimized collaboration
  • Security.