The advantages of the cloud for the developer

The advantages of the cloud for the developer

At the moment, we are seeing a steady trend in the cloud services market, namely, an increase in business interest in deploying testing in the cloud. There is also a tendency to virtualize anchor systems of various companies for more flexible resource management.

The cloud is quickly
Deploying a test bench on dedicated hardware takes many times longer than in the cloud. Connecting the right resources in the cloud takes just a few minutes, and any developer and tester can handle it. In this case, the service contract with the provider actually means that the employee will use the cloud environment an unlimited number of times within the current contract, running any number of processes and testing various hypotheses.

The cloud is secure
Reliable computing, telecommunications and engineering equipment combined with qualified support allows you to achieve constant availability of cloud resources and ensure the continuity of development processes running on the cloud, flexible scaling at any time and data protection from loss.

The cloud is economical
Equipment purchases are additional capital expenditures. And even if we are talking about attracting external developers, customers need to keep in mind: the purchase of new systems for stands is put on the balance of the supplier and will probably be included in the cost of the final service. It is likely that you will not be able to use the same computing systems repeatedly to test products of different clients, since the infrastructure requirements are unique. Therefore, such iron will be required only once or twice, and the rest of the time will be idle.

The cloud is convenient
The key advantage of the cloud is the ability to collaborate and be mobile. In fact, with access to the console, all project team members can work from anywhere in the world. It is easy to set up access rights for employees and track their changes in the program code. In addition, it is easier to provide external access to the customer from the cloud. This is necessary, for example, in order to quickly test the solution and demonstrate it to the client.

The cloud is stable
Responsible and resource-intensive stage of development-load testing, as close as possible to the operating conditions of the system. If this process is performed at the same capacity as critical applications, resources may not be sufficient. At stake is not only the effectiveness of testing, but also the continuity of business processes. For this reason, many companies conduct tests in the cloud, thus ensuring the release of regular releases without sagging performance of sites and client services.